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In quarter 3 of 2016 alone, there were 18 million new malware samples recorded. All across the world, cybercrime was the most reported form of crime. In the UK alone, cybercrime accounted for more than 50% of all crimes that took place in the UK. There was a study conducted by the University of Maryland, where it was concluded that one cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds. You know now, how crucial computer and network protection is for the safety of your device and all confidential data (including ids and passwords). More so because 63 percent of all network attacks occur due to compromised usernames and passwords. Our McAfee setup download team brings you today some precautionary steps that you can take to secure your devices and data.

Secure your devices with an efficient antivirus

There are several devices that the members of family use. These devices are used out as well as within the walls of a house. Besides, depending on age or profession, our browsing habits vary. So if one device gets infected, it is very probable that this malware will try to infect the other devices using the same network. It is highly important that you protect all devices with an effective antivirus like McAfee, complete with real-time scanning and personal firewall. Our McAfee antivirus setup will help you through installation, configuration, uninstallation, updates or any other kind of troubleshooting.

Keep your social media experience safe

Scammers have become highly advanced in using our social media account information to further indulge in phishing attacks. We all love social media because how easy it makes for us to connect and reach out to people we love. This feature also applies to connecting us to undesirable contacts. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are professionally skilled to use information that we provide on social media to further dig out our personal information. Therefore, it is always advisable that you make your social media settings Private and appear visible only to friends, family and close acquaintances. Let us know if you need help with McAfee setup install.

Always install the latest updates

Most of the time, we are deep into work or entertainment, when an update notification shows up on our computer screen. Busy to get back to whatever we were doing, we often hit on ‘Skip’ or ‘Remind Me Later.’ However, every time we skip a chance to update our software (the updates being made available to do away with vulnerabilities that existed in the old version), we increase the risk of external attacks. Therefore, make a resolution if you need to, that you will always update your antivirus when the latest update is made available by the vendor. Call McAfee setup help if you need any kind of assistance.

Minimize accessing public Wi-Fi connections

being able to stay connected (via the internet) while we are going from one place to another or are away from home or work seems like a great convenience. Reliable brands may also claim that their Wi-Fi connection is secure. But remember, public networks do not come with encryption (converting data to code, so that if stolen, it is useless to hackers). It is all the more risky to do some online shopping or banking that involves use of bank details. So it is always advisable to invest in a VPN if you often access public Wi-Fi. Let us know if you need any assistance with your McAfee security setup.

Browse safe, keep reading and updating yourself on the latest cyber threats as well as how to counter them, set strong passwords and change them frequently. Remember malware like some ransomware only get executed when they are successful in fooling users to click on or download them. So follow safe internet practices to keep your devices away from any kind of cyber-attacks.

McAfee antivirus software comes with phishing protection, anti-spyware and anti-spam filtering that save your device and data from third party intrusion. You can even remotely back up and delete all personal data from a lost or stolen phone. Make good use of its excellent features. If you ever need help with your McAfee setup file, call our technicians for instant support.

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