McAfee Error 401

How to Fix McAfee Error Code 401?

Got McAfee error 401? To understand how to troubleshoot McAfee error code 401 find the below steps to solve the McAfee Error 401.

Repair the Windows Registry Entries:

  • This is a very critical task; you need to take back up of your old files before any changes in the registry.
  • Go to start menu, open the command prompt using “cmd.exe” command
  • Type “regedit” command on the command prompt
  • This will open the registry editor, select the error related key
  • Go to file menu and export these keys
  • Save it in a folder as a backup key

Scan your entire machine

  • Go to start menu and open the command prompt
  • Type command “cmd.exe”
  • Hit the enter key and in command window type command “sfc/scannow”
  • Disc cleaner will start scanning your entire machine

Call McAfee customer care number

If you are still facing the same issue, contact McAfee support team. There are 3 modes to contact the support team: phone call, remote and online. Choose the right channel to contact the support team. McAfee the support team, technical experts will assist you to solve your issue.

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