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What Is A Keylogger And How Can You Avoid, Detect And Remove Them?

Know how to protect your system From Keylogger.

What Is A Keylogger And How Can You Avoid, Detect And Remove Them? August 4, 2018

A keylogger is a small piece of hardware or software that is used to capture anything you type in, using the keyboard attached to the device. Our McAfee chat support team says that more often than not, it is a secret act, done by hackers to steal vital information like user IDs and passwords. Hackers are known to commonly use them in Trojans, more so in spyware. There are a couple of common techniques that the attackers adapt to implement this malware into your system. They can be either hardware or software based. It would help to know of the common techniques these hackers use.

The evil hypervisor

Hackers can covertly make malicious hypervisor, virtual machine monitor to run virtual machines that can run parallel underneath the Operating System when a computer is attacked by a malware. McAfee chat support UK team says, this way the hackers turn the computer into a virtual machine so that the keylogger can run along with the hypervisor.

The kernel level compromise

Once a malware infects a computer, it may get an access to the root where the malware hides itself at the kernel level. This level is the central component for most operating systems – a connection between actual data processing and the applications. It is responsible for the communication between hardware and software. Thus, when a keystroke is passing by the kernel level, the malicious keylogger works as a kernel device driver to collect whatever information a user keys in. Something that McAfee support chat technicians find to be a grave threat.

Hooking the keyboard APIs

Some keylogger software will hook keyboard APIs within a running application and each time the user releases a keystroke, the keylogger is intimidated and it collects all these keystroke information.

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Monitoring different activities

The malware can effectively monitor user activity like filling up a form on the web as well as notice when the form is submitted. It is then that it may move to collect information of whatever you have typed in the web form when you submit the web form in the web application. This is a common way of accessing vital data. Our McAfee live chat support team works to ward off.

There are other stealthy ways like capturing network traffic that are closely associated with HTTP POST in a computer and gather all data sent over it from the computer. This method has become very rare. They can also monitor memory tables that are associated to the system functions and web browser.

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