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What is a Computer Virus & How Does It Infect Your PC?

What is a Computer Virus & How Does It Infect Your PC? November 6, 2017

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus copies itself to spread malicious codes and infect the host computer. For some viruses, the harm is done slower and undetected, while some corrupt data or slow down system performance immediately. Many of them attach themselves to executable files in host computers and once the user opens the file, the virus loads itself. Viruses commonly spread through CDs, DVDs, flash drives, email attachments or downloads. They are built to go undetected, so keep your McAfee antivirus updated to set the perfect baits that detect and remove the viruses immediately. Remote support by certified specialists in McAfee support UK is available to help you install latest versions and updates of McAfee antivirus 24 hours in a day.

There is already a lot of confusion regarding the definitions of adware, spyware, ransomware, worms, trojans and viruses. To avoid more confusion on how your device can or cannot get malware infected, we bring you facts against 5 common misconceptions about virus infection. Read on to increase awareness on one of the most common troubles of modern living. McAfee technical support number is always responsive may you need any help regarding installation or setup of your McAfee antivirus.

How Does a Virus Infect Your Device?

  • Smartphones CAN get viruses – A very small margin of smartphone users install antivirus apps on their phones. A lot of them believe smartphones cannot get infected by viruses. Hackers will turn their attention to any technology that grows popular. With more than 2.4 billion smartphone users across the globe, it is a lucrative medium for hackers to aim and attack. Like ‘phishers’ try gaining access to confidential information via emails, ‘smishers’ do the same via sms. Do not believe all text messages on your mobile to be safe and do not answer to links in them that ask for your passwords. McAfee Mobile Security App or McAfee Mobile Security on Android Wear users, reach us at McAfee tech support number UK for efficient troubleshooting requirements.
  • Firewalls alone are NOT ENOUGH – Your firewall is like a screen that stops external bots, programs or humans from accessing your network, blocking data that can be harmful. They do not scan for viruses. Your antivirus does that, detecting harmful programs, software or file that are already installed or about to be installed in your computer. Use antivirus to keep your internet connected devices safe from trojans and a variety of other malware. Call us at McAfee technical support UK for quick resolution against any error message.
  • Apple devices DO get infected – Apple devices experience relatively low threats than their Windows counterparts. But that is no reason to assume they are completely safe against any kind of similar attacks. While Mac users were less in the past, iPhone has made Apple popular worldwide. And like I said before, increase in popularity always generates hackers’ interest in any medium, protect your Apple device with the right antivirus today. McAfee customer support UK can help you through the basic installation, uninstallation or troubleshooting of your antivirus.
  • Re installing Windows does NOT always remove viruses – It could work if the virus is not there in the file backup on your hard drive, If the files are infected, once Windows is reinstalled and the files are replaced, it would be infected again. Do not install programs from unknown sources and download plug-ins or add-ons only from the developer’s website or browser’s app store. For any instructions about your McAfee antivirus, connect with McAfee customer support UK.
  • Free Wi-Fi is NOT always safe – Your security is somewhat vulnerable when using Wi-Fi network. If it is poorly protected, it can be an easy for hackers to send malware. Do not login to your bank account while using Wi-Fi at coffee shops, airports or similar public places. Viruses can transfer from one device to another through the Wi-Fi. They can also leap to nearby networks and find new targets. Trained professionals at McAfee helpline number can scan your devices to detect and prevent malware attacks.

Use antivirus to keep your system secure and clean. An efficient antivirus like McAfee’s can detect and remove viruses before they get a chance to harm your device.

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