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Tips To Counter Ransomware Attacks

Tips To Counter Ransomware Attacks September 10, 2018

Ransomware has sadly become such a common threat in the last few years; chances are you know someone who has come under its threat. Our McAfee antivirus activate team believes this is one malware you should always be on the lookout for. This is a malice that can make you end up paying a hefty sum and/or losing your data forever. Prevention is better than cure, so we bring you here few basic tips to protect against ransomware.

Take file backups and keep them off-site

One of the biggest regrets always in such cases, is why you did not keep a backup before. Data backup not only protects against cyber criminals, it protects against emergencies like fire, theft, flood or deleting accidentally all your data. Encrypt the backed up data to restore it later.

McAfee activation support advises against enabling macros

It is a common trick to distribute ransomware in Office documents that will trick the user into enabling macros. There is also a new tool in Office 2016, released by Microsoft that helps you limit the functionality of macros. It prevents you from enabling them on the various documents you download from the internet.

Install MS Office viewers

Microsoft Office viewers enable you to look at how a Word or Excel file looks without having to enable the macros. As the viewers do not support macros, even by mistake you will not be able to enable them.

Be alert about email attachments

McAfee activate team has noticed that lately, most ransomware has been spread by embedding them in documents that are sent as email attachments. So be careful about opening attachments. Avoid if it is from an unknown sender and the mail body does not seem like something important.

Often these emails are disguised as lucrative offers or prizes that you have won. Do not let such common tricks fool you. Keep your antivirus updated and scan your device often.

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Be careful as an administrator

When you are logged in as an administrator, do not stay online or logged in any longer than you need to. At McAfee activation support number UK, our technicians also suggest that when you are logged in as an administrator, avoid opening documents, browsing or doing regular work.

Never miss an update

When a malware does not enter via macros embedded in documents, it tries to prey on weak spots of one or the other software or application. So when you dutifully do the latest updates made available by these companies to protect you better, these malware and hackers have significantly fewer chances of attacking you.

A lot of these becomes easier when your employees are aware of the perils of ransomware and other malware attacks. Educate them on steps to prevent such attacks. If you need help with McAfee activation key related issues, our team is always available to guide you efficiently. Stay aware, stay protected!

For more information about How to Counter Ransomware Attacks call McAfee activation support number : 800-014-8285

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