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Why McAfee Antivirus Is The Best?

Why McAfee Antivirus Is The Best? December 21, 20171 Comment

McAfee is one of the top brands that sell antivirus products. It is believed worldwide to be a highly efficient and trustworthy antivirus. Its user functionality makes it a practical choice for personal and business uses. Take for example, the fact that there is no limit to devices that it will protect. Once you have bought the service, your friends and family can use the antivirus protection for their respective devices. It can be managed from a user friendly, centralized console. And one security solution covers PCs, laptops, tabs, phones and other devices. McAfee helpline UK brings you here the most remarkable reasons that makes McAfee a popular brand of antivirus protection across the globe.

The antivirus comes with a personal firewall

With this feature, you can actually customize how much protection you need, guarding effectively against any threatening activity. It is also possible for you to control the network access and monitor every information that is sent back and forth between the different devices connected to your network. Suspicious applications that try to send you any data can be instantly blocked as well as malicious internet traffic or programs that try to tamper with data in any way is dealt with immediately. For any installation, configuration or setup issues that you face, feel free to contact our technicians at McAfee tech support UK.

It also has inbuilt spam blocking facilities

Spam emails are not just advertisements all the time. Sometimes they contain malware as attachments or try to lure users into clicking a link, thereby infecting the device. Crimes committed across the world after stealing another person’s identity, makes thousands of people lose money from their bank accounts. Catering to the need of the hour, McAfee anti-spam filtering blocks mails sent by unsolicited contacts from reaching your inbox. It can automatically detect emails that try to make you a victim of malware attack or data theft. It also stops any spyware that tries to transfer your data to any third party. Need help with running your antivirus scan? Call us at McAfee customer support for step by step troubleshooting over the phone.

Expose children only to the world of good that internet has to offer

McAfee antivirus has great parental control features. This lets you allow or block any website based on the age of your children. You can also set a schedule to control how much time your child spends online. You can start filtering search engine safety as this will automatically do away with any content that is not appropriate for children. Play the class monitor. Find out with the child activity log who has visited a blocked website or stayed online beyond scheduled hours. If you need any help with these features, call our third party McAfee customer care number.

If there are further complexities or you have any difficulty in following the instructions, our technicians can also take remote access (with your permission) and resolve the issue directly. In a way, it is like having your standby technician always at your service. Internet protection is an issue of vital importance. Not just our banking information, the confidential information of our customers are also at stake. And with it, the reputation of our business. So you cannot stress the point of internet security enough whether you are an individual doing online shopping and banking transactions or a small to medium level business.

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