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[Resolved] How to Fix McAfee Error x5485? ☏0800 368 9219

Troubleshoot McAfee Error x5485 in Easy Steps

[Resolved] How to Fix McAfee Error x5485? ☏0800 368 9219 March 26, 2019
Mcafee error x5485

Are you searching for how to fix McAfee error x5485? McAfee is a popular antivirus system in the market. It is quite easy to install the McAfee antivirus on your system. McAfee provides you package of total security solutions for your desktops, laptops as well as smart phones.

What is McAfee Error x5485

You can visit the McAfee official website and download the installation file after signing it to your account.  With the help of active product key, you can smoothly install the McAfee antivirus on your machine and activate the subscription. McAfee antivirus can be downloaded from anywhere and you need to renew the subscription after expiry period.

Mcafee error code x5485

During the installation of antivirus software, sometimes you can get McAfee Error x5485.

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Causes of McAfee Error x5485

  • McAfee Error x5485 could be due to compatibility issues. Your system might not be compatible with the given configuration of McAfee antivirus.
  • Incomplete or corrupted files, missing files could lead to the incomplete installation process and this is another cause of McAfee Error x5485
  • Sometimes McAfee Error x5485 could be due to login problem for your McAfee account

Steps to Fix  McAfee Error x5485

Solution 1: Run Pre-install tool

  • Save all your files and applications and it may restart your system
  • Then enable your administrator account temporarily
  • McAfee provides you McPreInstall tool to solve your installation error.
  • Download this McPreInstall tool and click on run to install this utility on your system
  • After installation, this tool will automatically scan your system
  • This tool will automatically delete your temporary files and cookies
  • Once scanning is done, you will get a message, “ SCAN COMPLETE: READY FOR INSTALLATION”

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Solution 2: Take help of McAfee Virtual Technician

 It is always best practice to take help of experts for solving any issue

  • Log in to your McAfee account and click on Troubleshoot and repair
  • After that go to download and run the option and save the downloaded file
  • You will receive mvt.exe file this is McAfee virtual technician file
  • Follow the instructions and complete the installation of McAfee Virtual Technician
  • This virtual assistant will scan your machine and find the issue
  • After completion of system scanning, you will get 2 options
    • Select auto fix
    • Contact your McAfee support team

Solution 3: Removal and reinstallation

  • You can remove the old McAfee old files using the Removal Tool
  • Download this Removal tool and click on install
  • Follow the instructions and restart your system
  • After complete removal of McAfee old files, Re-install the McAfee files and install the software using the instructions

Still not able to resolve the problems? Contact McAfee customer services for instant troubleshooting.

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