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[Solved] How to Fix McAfee Error 1334? ☏0800 368 9219

How to Fix McAfee Error Code 1334?

[Solved] How to Fix McAfee Error 1334? ☏0800 368 9219 May 21, 2019
McAfee Error 1334

Got McAfee error 1334? McAfee is one of the latest Antiviruses in the market. This Error 1334 will pop up during the installations of software and programs. This error could occur during windows start or shutdown, or during the installation of O.S. To fix the error it is recommended to track the error instance.

What are the causes of McAfee Error 1334?

  • Incomplete installation and corruption of McAfee files
  • Windows registry corruption due to software change
  • Virus or malware attacks, which have altered the system files
  • There might be a possibility that other software has changed McAfee related files.

What are the symptoms of Error 1334? 

  • You will get a pop up with McAfee error code 1334 and system crashes
  • Your system slows down and responds slowly
  • Your computer frequently gets freeze
  • Suddenly shut down of your system

How to fix Error code 1334?

Step 1- Windows registry changes

  • You can manually edit the windows registry and remove invalid error 1334 key
  • This should be done under the expert’s supervision
  • A small mistake can damage your entire operating system
  • You can use registry cleaner tools like registry cleaner or win-thruster

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Step2 – Full malware scan of your systems

  • This error can be fixed by using complete scanning of your system
  • A complete scan of your system may eliminate this error 1334


Step3 – Clean out your system Junk files

  • You can clean system junk files using Disk clean up tools
  • You can also use WinSweeper tool to clean up your entire computer
  • Go to the command prompt, type cleanmgr and enter
  • Disk cleanup will start cleaning up all junk files


Step4 – Drivers update

  • You might get the Error 1334 because of not updated device drivers
  • You can update your device drivers by using driver update tool such as DriverDoc
  • This tool will also take the backup of your files


Step5 – Restore the system to the previous version

  • Windows gives you an option to restore your system to the previous version
  • Go to system restore wizards
  • Follow the steps to restore your system previous version


Step6 – McAfee antivirus reinstallation

  • You can uninstall the McAfee antivirus by using control panel
  • Add or remove programs and remove the McAfee antivirus program
  • Again install the McAfee antivirus following the steps
  • This freshly installed McAfee antivirus will not have error 1334


Step7- Windows updates installation

  • Try to update your system with all current latest updates
  • Connect to the internet and update the windows


Step8- Clean installation of your operating system

  • If all above fix doesn’t work, you need to perform a clean installation of your Windows
  • Using a bootable DVD or installable you can perform a clean installation of your Windows operating system


If you are not able to fix the McAfee error code 1334, contact McAfee customer care or helpline desk for assistance. McAfee experts are always available to help you.

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