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How To Protect Your Business And Secure Your Website In Easy Steps?

How To Protect Your Business And Secure Your Website In Easy Steps? August 17, 2018

McAfee is a top ranking antivirus which helps users deal with malware or hacker attacks. The ecommerce sites are always at a greater risk of hacker attacks as they deal with bank information and personal data of people. This makes the site a target of attack for people who try to steal data or rob another person’s bank account.

One has to be very careful while developing or dealing with an ecommerce site. A person has to make sure that they tick off all checkpoints to resist attacks from hackers. Technicians at McAfee antivirus support number help you with your antivirus installation and configuration issues. The experts can also help you in maintaining security of your ecommerce website.

Essential tips to secure your website

The rules that need to be followed to be secure are as follows –

A security patch is very important and it should be installed as soon as it is released. It should be used for Magento or WordPress updates as well as third party codes such as JAVA or Python. The risk of virus is more when your site uses an old software or an old version of code.

Under the PCI standard, it is forbidden to hold huge amount of past customer data. It is no use to store an unnecessary volume of data. At McAfee antivirus helpline number, the data for charge backs or refund processing may be stored as they are important. It is wise to delete credit card detail information, CVV numbers and the verification dates. The use of McAfee ensures safety against suspicious malwares and the skilled professionals are always ready to resolve your issues or queries.

The third important step is to maintain at least two layers of security. This helps to fight cybercrimes effectively. The first is the firewall protecting the network and next is the implementation of strong passwords. These steps would help you protect data confidentiality and keep your site safe from cyber-attacks.

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How our technicians can help McAfee users

Our technicians at McAfee antivirus support phone number can also help you secure search queries or in increasing the security of contact forms. This would also act as protection against cross site scripting and SQL injections. If the user needs help in upgrading the antivirus or something else, they can always contact @ 0800-014-8285.

The technicians are expert communicators as well as adept in resolving technical issues. They can help you troubleshoot, guiding you step by step over the phone. In case you cannot follow, they can take your consent and do it for you via remote access. It is like having your own team of technicians on standby. At McAfee antivirus customer service number, we ensure that neither your work nor your data security ever suffers due to small technical glitches. Call us for instant support!

For any issue related to your business and website security call our Helpline number: 0800-014-8285.

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