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How To Keep Your Online Transactions Safe & Secure?

How To Keep Your Online Transactions Safe & Secure? August 29, 2018

We use the internet constantly for shopping and transferring or receiving money. At McAfee Tech Support Number UK, we have witnessed over the years how this significant dependence on online transactions has made it a lucrative medium for fraudsters to malware creators and hackers. They thrive on our lack of awareness and careless shopping habits to commit crimes of malware infection and identity theft, resulting in financial loss that amounts in billions of dollars worldwide every year. How will you protect yourself from such miscreants? We bring you a few easy solutions here. Read on to find out.

Your security starts right from the password you create

Create a password that has upper and lower case alphabets, symbols and digits. Technicians at McAfee technical support UK telephone number suggest not choosing an easy to guess password and do not use same user name and password for more than one account. We always advise not to share your password or any user identification information with anyone.

There are phishing emails that appear to be sent by any authentic service provider like your bank, asking you for such information on one pretext or another. However, no responsible organization will ever ask its clients for log-in credentials, so be wary of such emails the moment you receive them and notify the concerned organization immediately.

Do not ever click on links mentioned in such emails. Instead, notify the organization immediately.

McAfee technical help UK offers certain helpful online shopping tips

After you are done with any transaction, make sure that you log out of the merchant site, credit card or bank website once you have finished your transaction. Never save the user names and passwords for such bank or financial login credentials even in your own device. You may choose to set up security questions that help you remember your password. They are helpful when you have several passwords to remember from different sites.

However, remember to use false information and not your actual personal information. This way, people can’t break into your account just by finding out the correct information.

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McAfee technical support number suggests making ecommerce website security stronger

A third party payment service like PayPal is always a more secure option to pay for online transactions. These sites offer a great way to make payments securely while disputing resolution services when required. Start an online transaction only when you see that the website begins with https:// . Do not rely on any website that does not come with the‘s’ at the end of ‘http’ in their website address.

These small steps go a long way in keeping your financial and banking information confidential and your accounts safe from getting hacked. At an age of rampant cyber attacks, technicians at McAfee technical support UK believe that being careful you can avoid a lot of traps with severe consequences.

For any issue related to online transactions call our Helpline number: 0800-014-8285.

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