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How To Avoid Most Common Mistakes While Browsing Internet?

How To Avoid Most Common Mistakes While Browsing Internet? July 26, 2018

When working on solving different antivirus related issues for our clients, like McAfee activation key matters, our technical team often hears from the customers some of the unaware mistakes they make while browsing the internet. This blog brings you a few very important tips to protect against the common errors we make while surfing.

Use strong passwords for all important accounts

Remembering several (that too complex) passwords can be a drag. But do not make the mistake of using the same password for all your accounts. Wonder why this increases your risk? While your bank website may implement extra security everywhere, it means if a hacker gets hold of even a social media password of yours, he can use it to access the rest of your accounts. Often while guiding our customers on how to reinstall McAfee, we explain to them the vital need of having strong and unique passwords – that uses digits, symbols, capital and small letters.

Your computer software should be patched and protected

Stay updated with basic knowledge like which operating systems you are using for your office and home computers. You may think because you use Mac and not Windows, your computer is above any security risk, but that is far from the truth. If your OS and the other apps are not patched, there may be a consistent series of cyber-attacks that you have to counter. Do not delay update notifications for any of your programs and apps, says our McAfee chat support technicians.

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Wi-Fi network makes your device more vulnerable

You may often use open Wi-Fi networks. So it is good to know, here it is only the secure pages starting with https where your data is encrypted. Any reputed bank or credit card company are sure to use encryption for their sites, but not every web email comes encrypted. In case you email a password or vital personal information, it might be accessible by a hacker. A hacker can use the tracking data from your browser to pretend that he is you. When you check your email or social media profile from an open Wi-Fi, customer support for McAfee highly recommends holding a secure session.

Go for a virtual personal network (VPN) to keep online snoopers at bay. You will see all reputed companies adhering to this policy. When making purchases online or dealing with sensitive information, make sure that you use VPN.

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