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Award-Winning Malware Protection from McAfee Antivirus

Enhance your security with McAfee.

Award-Winning Malware Protection from McAfee Antivirus July 14, 2017Leave a comment

Lucy John McAfee, is a technical expert, She loves to write and discuss about new technologies and cyber security, She is also the chief blog editor at McAfee Support Number. She is a regular blogger who keeps a tab on the latest updates in the Security and technology arena. She has visited United Kingdom, United States (USA), Canada, Australia. You can reach her at Mail | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Youtube

Mcafee Antivirus Software

McAfee Antivirus Support

From the popular categories in the software market, such as gaming applications, office tools, internet browsers, and so forth, antivirus programs have always been one of the favorite applications for computer users. The huge demand for prolific counter-threat engines is out of a dire need, as today a large portion of the global population is heavily relying on computers, related devices, and applications of the internet. The dependence is for discrete purposes of trade, commerce, social networking, banking, and more. Amidst a threatening atmosphere from the attacks of harmful programs, the technologically enhanced population remains aware of the impact made by a reliable malware protection on these attacks and consequently this has attracted dozens of antivirus developers to the market.

Counted amongst the most creditable, cyber-security product makers, McAfee  Antivirus has maintained a reputable status because of its concerted efforts that are intended to keep its technology one step ahead of the malicious programs. The renowned antivirus maker aims at the earliest detection of changes in the manner of execution, replication, infection, and other operations of a malware, by means of its extensive research work. For the said purpose, the teams of McAfee Support and analysts frequently conduct a detailed study of reports, concerning encountered harmful programs, sent by McAfee security applications installed on millions of devices. This helps in identifying improvements to the deleterious programs and thus developing due countermeasures for them. McAfee servers, then send improvements, related to the countermeasure, to McAfee applications installed on user devices, in the form of updates.


Acclamation from Security Standards

Multiple products of McAfee have received awards from various antivirus rating firms that work independently to infer the performances of counter-threat applications. Two of the well-known names from this industry are AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. These rating firms test the performance of an antivirus against the wide range of malicious programs and compare it with that of other counter-threat applications. AV-Test has given “Windows Security” and “Android Security” awards to McAfee Total Protection. The same product has also received an accolade from AV-Comparatives. McAfee Internet Security has also been rewarded by these two rating agencies. In addition to awards from the two eminent rating enterprises, McAfee Antivirus Plus has also received PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award.

Computer Running Slow


Extensive Security

All McAfee products carry specific details of the detrimental programs, namely adware, ransomware, spyware, viruses, bots, worms, Trojan, and so forth. The anti-malware engines also possess the definitions of malware helping applications, such as exploits kits that carry harmful codes and insert them using security flaws of a computer system, and FUD (Fully UnDetectable) tools that are used to insert a harmful program in an encrypted form. Using these details-cum-definitions, the unwanted programs are detected and following the countermeasures, appropriate actions are taken against them.


Website Protection

Cyber criminals often hide the exploit programs on websites with a large number of users. Generally, when a person surfs an exploit infected website, he gets redirected to an invisible page where an exploit program secretly scans his device for security shortcomings. Ultimately, the flaws are used by the exploit to insert a harmful code. Thus, the device is exposed and infected. To prevent such an attack the anti-malware technology of McAfee Technical Support examines a website in advance, whenever the antivirus user tries to visit it, and notifies whether it contains any threat or not. The antivirus also prevents dangerous downloads and phishing attacks.


Types of Mcafee Products

The three versions of McAfee, namely Mcafee Total Security, Mcafee Internet Security, and Mcafee Antivirus Plus protect the online identity and privacy of a user by permanently deleting a sensitive information that gets stored in a network while online money transactions and other uses of the internet. This prevents any misuse of the information, as financial malware tools are used by the cyber criminals to target and obtain a financial data from infected computer systems and networks.

Both McAfee Total Security and Internet Security give the facility to save multiple usernames and passwords by virtue of a feature that recognizes the face or fingerprint of a user and instantly logs him in to websites and apps. The facility, called True Key, is developed by Intel Security, the parent firm of McAfee and using it the details of 5 user accounts can be saved.


Security Management Console

To completely remove a malware infection, it is essential to not only shield your device against the malware attacks, occurring through a use of the internet, but also ensure your all other computer systems that you connect to the device are free from any malicious code. To help users manage all their devices for malware protection, McAfee Support offers an easy-to-use web page.


Secure File Lock

To prevent any unauthorized access to your personal files, McAfee Total Security offers a combination of password protection and encryption. This not only helps to trammel any unwanted access to the files, through an online mode using bots, Trojan, and spyware, but also forestalls any undesirable access via an offline mode, by some other person.

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Free Support & Virus Protection Promise

McAfee, a part of Intel Security, provides round-the-clock assistance through different means, such as phone, chat, or online, till the life of a McAfee antivirus subscription. Under the money-back offer, McAfee experts remotely access and clean the computer of a McAfee user, if any virus manages to enter it despite the protection in terms of a McAfee antivirus. If the experts remain unable to remove the virus, the money is refunded.


McAfee Antivirus is truly a diverse collection of advantageous security features. The worldwide reputation of the maker signifies its state-of-the-art technology and incredible research endeavors for latest countermeasures, updated on a regular basis. The 100% money-back offer reflects the belief of McAfee in its security products being robust and impregnable. McAfee software operates equally well on different operating system devices, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, to offer complete protection and specifically designed features.

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Lucy John McAfee, is a technical expert, She loves to write and discuss about new technologies and cyber security, She is also the chief blog editor at McAfee Support Number. She is a regular blogger who keeps a tab on the latest updates in the Security and technology arena. She has visited United Kingdom, United States (USA), Canada, Australia. You can reach her at Mail | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Youtube

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