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5 Worst Antivirus Advice We’ve Ever Heard

5 Worst Antivirus Advice We’ve Ever Heard November 23, 2017

McAfee support is a third party antivirus assistance service for McAfee antivirus users. We help our clients to resolve any error or troubleshoot any issue that you may face while installing, set up, configuring or uninstalling your antivirus. Our panel consists of expert technicians who are proficient in detecting errors as you describe them and help you step by step to set the issue straight. In case, the error is a complex one, we also offer remote assistance, resolving maximum errors on first call.

5 Common Myths About Antivirus

It is through our line of work that we have come across some strange and rather fictional “facts” about antivirus. While we cannot predict how such ideas originally came into being, we are surprised at times by the misconceptions that people still continue to believe. And because these wrong information may influence you to take wrong decisions about your PC or device security, today McAfee support UK sums up for you some of the most common misinformation about antivirus that you must never take seriously.

  1. Installing antivirus will make your system slow down – This may be somewhat true if you use an antivirus that is not of superior quality, this is never an issue when you are using antivirus from a reputed brand. Full system scan, that we must run from time to time, may slowdown the computer temporarily. Even then, your PC does NOT become so slow that you have to put all your work at a standstill.
  2. Installing antivirus will make your system perform faster – Seems like a good point to sell antivirus, but unfortunately this too is a misrepresentation of the truth. You could say though, if your system is already worn down and running slow due to previous malware attack, cleaning it after a good antivirus is installed may speed up and improve performance. If the system was free from malware to begin with, installing antivirus will protect you from future cyber threats, sure. But it won’t improve the performance. McAfee tech support is always there to support you with any antivirus guidance via chat or call.
  3. Free antivirus is good enough for you – Free antivirus does not cost you money. So it is economically viable. But unlike paid antivirus, its free counterpart does not update all through the day. This already leaves the system vulnerable to hackers and malware. Besides, using a free antivirus means you start getting too many pop ups which can be an inconvenience to your work.
  4. Your antivirus cannot fight latest threats – There are more than sixty thousand new malware released in the market every day. You surely won’t believe the top cyber security software companies sell you software that are unequipped to detect and quarantine a malware that may be released a week from now? They do it through Real Time protection that safeguards your device right as you are working on it as well as Heuristic detection, the term denoting the act of detecting and defending against new malware, through file emulation, file analysis and generic signature detection. At McAfee chat support, we offer you round the clock technical support for any antivirus error you may counter.
  5. Your PC cannot get virus if you do not download anything – Your device can get infected by a virus or some other malware when you click on a link sent by a spoofed email, when you click on an online ad, when you click to look at a site shared by someone you know as well as when hackers can successfully detect a weak spot in any software you use. Not updating all software and operating system of all your devices can also make you prone to a virus attack. Yes, downloading infected files from the internet can infect your device. But that is certainly not the only way you end up getting malware. Just like how inserting an infected disc or flash drive can infect your device. Reason why you should always have an updated and competent antivirus protects all devices on your network.

You know what you have to do! Never be fooled by common misconceptions or you may end up taking no measures or wrong measures for your internet security. Keep learning. Stay aware. And get in touch with us at our McAfee antivirus support phone number for any guidance you need with your antivirus.

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