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5 Signs You Should Invest in Antivirus

5 Signs You Should Invest in Antivirus October 17, 2017
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What Is A Computer Virus?

It is a malicious software program that produces copies of its own source code (written by programmers to specify the task of a computer) through modifying other computer programs to insert its own code. They can be created for just fun, sabotage or take control of device functions. They result in collected economic damage of billions of pounds all across the globe and run havoc by causing wastage of computer resources, data loss, system failure and huge expenses incurred in resolving the issues. Antivirus like McAfee’s is built to detect, prevent and remove viruses and malicious software. McAfee Support UK helps you to check out latest antivirus versions and install latest updates.

How Viruses Make Their Way in a Device?

Viruses spread through a number of ways and some are apparently harmless. Doing something as simple as opening a link or attachment from an unknown sender (or who you think to be a known sender, in case of email spoofing) can infect your computer. Use of USB flash drives can carry virus from one device to another. It can be a computer, mobile, tab, fashion gadget or anything that can be connected to the internet. Clicking on online advertisements, downloading software from a malicious site or clicking on a link a common friend shares on social media can all lead to a virus infection. McAfee antivirus prevents malware or viruses to attack your computer, removing them efficiently, in case the device is already infected. Our McAfee technical support number helps you install and setup of the antivirus on your machine.

Signs That Your Device is Compromised

Pop Up Advertisements

When you are working offline and pop-up ads appear, it has high chances of being sent by a malware distributor who aims to generate revenues delivering third party ads without user consent. Some can even offer to sell anti-virus or remove virus. Do not opt for any of these services, as often they leave some malware in your system to draw out more money from you in the future. And as for antivirus, you can well end up with a fake antivirus. Stay safe. Try McAfee antivirus and call McAfee tech support number UK for any troubleshooting required.

Access Denial

You may get a message saying your PC access is now locked because you committed some crime like viewing illegal content or breaking some copyright laws.  Government bodies don’t go around locking computers, but malicious software like Ransomware can take away your access and demand a sum (‘ransom’) to be paid in order for you to gain access to your computer. McAfee deletes sensitive digital files permanently and McAfee technical support UK helps you with any resolution you require at any step.

System Slow Down

Some viruses have symptoms that are easy to ignore. The PC may run slower than before when the internet processor faces more demand when the virus executes tasks from behind. But a normal program sometimes needs large system resources making other applications stop or run slow. This makes it difficult to detect whether the slowdown happened due to the virus attack. And the malware uses this opportunity to steal account details, passwords or other confidential information. For users who choose McAfee antivirus that protects your Android, Windows, Mac or iOS devices, our McAfee customer support UK offers consistent support to scan your device anytime for threats and viruses.

Other than this, your friends and family may receive emails that you did not send or hackers can use your social media accounts to send misleading advertisements or transmit viruses. The Windows Task Manager may become inaccessible. Pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete may not work. Or there can be new toolbars in your browser that you never installed. An application may not open when you try.

What may seem like minor inconveniences can cause much insidious damage. So you cannot start using McAfee antivirus any sooner to protect your devices against online threats. Call our McAfee helpline number at any step you need help with. Happy browsing!

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