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McAfee is a California based company which is defined as the security software company having its roots globally. McAfee was also known by the name of McAfee LLC and Intel Security Group which is recognised all over the world as one of the top and largest security technology company. In the year, 2011, McAfee was bought by Intel and was made an integral part of Intel’s security division. Towards the mid 2016, however the decision was changed by Intel and the announcement came which states along with TPG Capital, Intel Security was changed to a Joint venture known to be as McAfee.


Resolve all issues related to McAfee security

A lot of people face issues while dealing with McAfee software either when they are taking a decision to buy, or when they are installing or with the security key, etc. If you as a McAfee user come across any error with respect to McAfee Security software, you can call on McAfee’s helpline number. The number is usable 24 x 7 so that it is easily accessible by the users. Our team of experts are equipped with all the tolls and expertise to solve all the issues instantly. You can reach them any time while facing issues and your queries will be resolved there and then. Our experts have years of experience in customer support and they exactly know how to deal with issues like this.

Why McAfee Is the Best Security Software?

McAfee has kept its pace with the developments in the PC threats and most importantly with those in counter measures. McAfee has been successfully accomplishing the never-ending challenging work of keeping people safe and their computer devices immaculate, through its comprehensive and next-generation anti-malware technologies. The cyber-security brand has proven solutions to all the variety of Malwares, Worms and Trojan. Recently, AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, two of the prominent antivirus reviewing and rating organisations, have awarded and acclaimed McAfee as best antivirus engine for the months of September and October, 2016. This draws inference that McAfee antivirus products are overpowering, even the latest and most sturdy malware programs. Apart from its cutting-edge technologies, the top-notch McAfee customer service for fast and round-the-clock user satisfaction, has also led the brand to its current invincible status.


McAfee Antivirus Helpline UK

The antivirus uses its database and heuristics, real-team analytics, to deworm a PC. If a suspicious program appears to be not from the virus-definition database, then it is kept under watch and at the same time its details are send to the server. After receiving specific updates about the program, either it is given a green signal or removed from the PC. Our adroit team of McAfee Support engineers possesses the in-depth knowledge about the functionalities of McAfee and how to invoke right system protection features from it. As to induce the optimal performance, it requires for the protection engine to be configured accurately with the firewall and the other in-built security tools of an OS.

McAfee Security Features


Real Time Protection

McAfee Antivirus & Internet Security provide real time protection for your device whether its Windows / Mac / IOS, Tablet or Android Mobile.


Internet Security

Internet is the way to get in interaction with malware, virus or ransomware etc. McAfee protects against all cyber attacks. Keep updated.


Quick Clean

McAfee Makes your PC/Laptop faster with "quick clean" feature. It cleans unwanted internet files / temp files at one click.


App Boost

App boost checks your system applications and automatically boosts your app by deleting unwanted data. It gives performance boost to your apps.



McAfee provides several options to keep your mailbox spam free. You can control SPAM protection levels, Email Processing, Custom filtering rules etc.


Quick Help

McAfee provides 24x7 helpline for troubleshooting through Chat, Email, Website or Call. Get quality support with easy to reach options.

McAfee Technical Support Services

McAfee Setup

Get complete technical assistance on how to setup your McAfee software.

McAfee Activate

Get complete technical assistance on how to activate your McAfee software.

McAfee Install

Get complete technical help on how to install your McAfee Security.

McAfee Renewal

Get customer service assistance on renewal of your McAfee Security.

McAfee Re-install

Get complete technical assistance on how to Re-install your McAfee software.

McAfee Uninstall

Get complete technical assistance on how to uninstall McAfee from your PC.

Promo Codes

Get McAfee promo codes for buying/ renewal McAfee.

McAfee Refund

Need Refund? Get in touch with us for subscription related issues.


Have any complaints / suggestions / feedback? Write us to improve things.

McAfee Benefits

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Total Protection

Services Offered by McAfee Support Number UK

Whenever a user comes across a problem or face an issue the first though that comes to his mind how to solve this and then he will think about how get the support to resolve the issues. Our McAfee Customer Support helps resolve all such issues, so now without thinking the users can call directly to all our toll-free number and can get the desired support. There are 4 ways in which the McAfee Customer Support service can resolve issues:

Through Live Chat Support

Sometimes user do not want to call or there are issues while calling, the next best option is our customer support has is the live chat support option. This support option is textual but it serves the same purpose as the call option and is provides the same thorough support as the call option. Also, this service is most preferred in most cases than the call option and is opted by most of our clients.

Through Toll-free Number

You might be wondering how this is different from the ones which keep you waiting in long queues. We leave our lines open and free all the time so that if you call us we can resolve your issues immediately. Now do not worry about waiting for turn to come up but you can resolve your issues without any hassle with a customer service executive ready to help you with the same. Dial Now!

Through Email Support

Sometimes user do not want to call or there are issues while calling, the other option is our customer support has is the email support option. This support option is textual but it serves the same purpose as the call option and is provides the same thorough support as the call option. Also, this service is most preferred in most cases than the call option and is opted by most of our clients.

Remote Technical Assistance in cases which are not resolved over phone or chat

We have an option of providing remote technical assistance for issues which are too complex to be resolved on phone or chat. This feature is also useful in case where the user is not technically sound to take instructions and follow to the point. Most of our clients prefer this service as they do not have to go through the hassle of doing it themselves and moreover their issues are quickly resolve using this service. Most of the people mind giving remote assistance but we make sure you can opt out anytime during the service if you want to and there will be no issues which were not already there in doing so. So, ask for remote assistance if you are not able to handle the query on phone or on call and get immediate assistance without much of hassle.​

24x7 Customer Support

Our most effective feature is our service is available 24*7 for users who are facing issues. This service is provided owing to the fact that our users might face any issue at point of time and whenever they do so they get immediate assistance and their issues is resolved immediately. Our entire technical is available at all times of the day and each user will be assisted fully at any given point of time once they get in touch with us.

24x7 Technical Support

This policy entails out 24 * 7 support for our clients. We provide this facility because we understand the unpredictable nature of software malfunction. To that end, the entire gamut of technical team is always here to assist the users. We believe that our user is of utmost important to us and any issue related to McAfee Antivirus should not stop them from continuing to do so.


There is no doubt when it comes to the performance of McAfee antivirus, it operates at an exceptional rate and use very few resources. The usage of the RAM is around 200 MB which is great and McAfee holds a good position in the market.

Let us talk about the two kinds of protection used by McAfee Antivirus.

Malware Protection

McAfee offers the best Malware protection which led it to earn 15 out of q8 points in the AV-Test trials in 2016. However, in the consecutive year, the software manages to score 18 points making it the best antivirus protection software, emerging out to be the leader. Contact McAfee Support Number UK now!

Ransomware protection

McAfee also provides best ransomware protection program. Ransomware is very harmful as it goes into your system and harm your personal documents and MP3 files. McAfee Antivirus is able to assess such threats and not just protects but kills them. This feature makes it the top antivirus protection software.

McAfee antivirus Support

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